Yoga at Work – Executive Yoga Workshops

The perfect solution for your next executive event or retreat, team-building day, staff conference, or corporate workshop.

The health and happiness of your employees is crucial to your company’s success and longevity.

Something as simple as a few yoga classes or a half or full day yoga workshop can do wonders for staff productivity, collaboration, confidence and performance

What types of workshops does Lunge Yoga offer?

Our Executive Yoga Workshops can include:

  • A few yoga based sessions interspersed throughout your management conference to break up the day and keep attendees focussed
  • A half or full day yoga workshop as part of your corporate retreat
  • A yoga session at the beginning of your team building day or conference as a great ice-breaker to help create an anxiety free platform for your corporate attendees
  • We can help you structure your management event, weekend away or conference to be completely based around yoga, meditation and similar activities

Why should you consider an Executive Yoga Workshop?

Our Executive Yoga Workshops are customised to your unique requirements and will seamlessly integrate into your event schedule.

At your next conference, an Executive Yoga Workshop will:

  • Promote and educate your delegates on the importance of health and well-being
  • Give your delegates a number of effective ways to become more focussed, productive and positive in just a matter of minutes

Worried about someone in your team not feeling comfortable?

Don’t be. Yoga is accessible to everyone and Louisa will tailor any part of the workshop to suit the needs, concerns and philosophies of everyone involved.

What’s involved in an Executive Yoga Workshop with Lunge Yoga?

Your organisation’s unique requirements will dictate how your personalised Executive Yoga Workshop unfolds. Here are some ideas to think about when considering including yoga based sessions for your project:

  1. What is the INTENT of your conference for your staff?
  2. How much yoga and/or similar activities would you like to include in your event e.g., a class, a few classes, half day team-building event/conference, a full retreat (day, weekend etc)
  3. How many people will be participating?
  4. What is the intent of including yoga? For example, build some energy, for relaxation, partner work, enhance collaboration (break-down barriers amongst staff), etc.
  5. What time of day suits you best? For example:
    • Morning sessions – can kick start your event, setting up the “atmosphere” of the conference
    • Midday sessions – are fantastic for breaking up the workshop and keeping minds fresh
    • Evening sessions – help to wind things down and consolidate the learnings from the day
  6. Where is the event? At the office, or off-site?
  7. Catering? Would you like us to help you with arranging healthy, nutritious catering? Or possibly incorporating a nutritional workshop as well?

An Executive Yoga Workshop can include a number of activities, including:

  • Tailored and dynamic yoga sessions
  • Partner work, depending on the group
  • If you are near the beach and/or river, sessions can include dawn beach walking/shuffling, walking meditation and rejuvenating ocean dips (often a fresh way to start the day)
  • Morning meditations and/or meditation throughout the day
  • Relaxation training
  • Group shiatsu massage
  • Hearty, wholesome and nutritious meals and snacks

Add-on extras to your Executive Yoga Workshop

Depending on the event you choose to create with Lunge Yoga, we can organise “a healthy goody bag” or gift for all attendees to take home. This small takeaway can help people continue their path to a healthier and more balanced life.

A gift could include any of a number of items:

  • A comprehensive handbook of what was covered at your event (including yoga and complementary therapies)
  • Complimentary yoga passes for classes at the Lunge Yoga studio
  • Gift vouchers for private yoga tuition, personal yoga programs
  • Gift vouchers for a shiatsu massage treatment
  • Gift vouchers for local healthy cafes
  • and more…


For more information or to discuss a customised corporate yoga workshop with Lunge contact Louisa Kolega via or call 0412 389 603.