Private Yoga Tuition

Need a little more personal attention, or do you have any nagging ailments that you can’t get rid of? Lunge Japanese yoga is a great system to give you the tools to take responsibility for your own health and healing.

Each session is designed to cater to your unique self and condition.


  • Personal and individual attention
  • Yoga class designed for your body/mind on the day and the season…
  • Eliminate long term issues,
    for e.g. back problems, weight issues, women’s health, men’s health, emotional issues, nervous system disorders.
  • Take your yoga practice further – learn how to access your body and/or mind more deeply and more effectively
  • Bring yourself back to alignment
  • Includes aspects of mediation as required… quieten your mind.

Fee: $120 per session, bulk of 3 – $330
1 hour session (does not include corrective yoga program).


Simple things, like the Changing Seasons affect the way we move in our body – this also affects how our mind functions. Keep your body and your mind going OR simply give yourself a much needed BOOST with one of our Seasonal Yoga and Health workshops that include Seasonal Intensives and Challenges, In Studio Retreats, and Cooking Classes.

Corrective Yoga Treatment

Lunge Japanese yoga is a great system to give you the tools to take responsibility for your own health, well-being and healing. A Corrective Yoga Program is individually designed to suit you, your body and your mind, that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Maybe you can’t get to class?

Maybe you want to get rid of a nagging ailment?

Maybe you want to take responsibility for your own health?

Maybe you want to be able to better deal with stress and anxiety?

Consultation Session

Session runs for 1 to 1.5hrs (depending on the client)

  • This is a diagnostic session where your physical state (and if required your emotional state – usually they go hand in hand) is evaluated.
  • We will run through a series of movements as the Individual Corrective Yoga program is designed.
  • The final program will take 10 – 15 minutes of your daily commitment to start the process of bringing your body/mind back to balance.
  • Nutrition advice can form part of the session as required.
  • Your program will last at least 2 months depending on your dedication to your daily practice! Good to revise the program at this time as the body changes, the mind changes – new challenges are required.

You will receive a detailed program that outlines the movement and the breathing techniques.

  • If the program is followed there will be immediate benefits in as little as 2 weeks.

Fee: $180
Includes consultation and program (good to allow 60 to 75mins).

Zen Shiatsu Treatment

What is Shiatsu Treatment?

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese hands on therapy which encourages the natural healing powers of the body. Treating your body as a whole, coupled with your own unique physical condition determines the touch and techniques used in each UNIQUE session. The massage includes natural body weight pressure with hands, elbows, arms, knees, and even feet to stimulate the energy pathways (meridians) with your body.


  • Stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Eliminate body aches and pains
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Reduce neck, shoulder and/or back pain
  • Deep muscle and tissue relaxation
  • Improve digestive functioning
  • Release toxins from the body
  • Women’s health issues: menstrual difficulties, fluid retention etc…
  • Release and balance emotions
  • It just feels good! You are left with a fantastic sense of well-being which can last for days!

Your treatment takes place lying on a futon, fully clothed. Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.

Where required or should you be interested you can have a Corrective Yoga Program designed for you that complements the Shiatsu Treatment. Please let us know should you be interested in this, as an additional fee will be required.

Fee: $150
75 minute treatment.

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