Men’s Yoga – Balance Strength with Flexibility

Do you want more mobility? More openness in your body? Are you sick of feeling tight? Maybe there are daily aches and pains – possibly from old injuries or just from a lack of daily movement. Do you have a sense of lingering fatigue or feel like you have a foggy mind? It’s time to do some yoga – Lunge Japanese Yoga is very accessible to men in its nature.

Yoga is so much more than a glorified stretch or meditation class. With the right teacher and a bit of consistency you can use yoga to your advantage for increased flexibility, sports performance and stress-relief.

Men's Yoga

New Men’s Yoga Term

The next Men’s Yoga term starts on Tuesday the 7th of September 2021.

8 week term – $170.

Time: 6:15pm (1 hour class).
Bookings essential.

Why Men’s Yoga?

To state the obvious, men and women are “built” differently. Without getting into too much detail there are three key ways that men in general are physiologically different to women, including:

  • Men have more muscular mass than women
  • The male hip area works and loads differently to a woman’s.
  • Plus on a subtler level, men’s and women’s minds don’t operate the same way

The mechanics of a man’s body and their mental state can be addressed and enhanced directly through simple yoga movements and breath awareness.

The most important work for men is often done at the beginning of every class. Initial release work is CRITICAL for facilitating physical or mental changes to help bring about a true sense of well-being.

Lunge Japanese Yoga offers simple and direct movements that EVERY man can do. This is especially true for those new to yoga who may be daunted by starting. Yoga for Men at Lunge is for every guy, young or older, who maybe always wanted to try yoga, but talked himself out of it.

The core benefits of Men’s Yoga

In just a few sessions at Lunge Yoga you will start to experience a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Relieved stiffness
  • Revived mobility and joint flexibility
  • Improved abdominal strength
  • Toned body – inside and out
  • Improved breathing – especially if there is tension around the chest
  • Eliminated neck and lower back tightness and/or tension
  • Increased overall strength and resilience
  • Better sleep patterns and deeper breathing
  • Increased injury prevention
  • Improved emotional and mental health (helps with sadness, depression)
  • Dialled down stress levels
  • More up and go – energy levels will improve!

What is so special about Lunge Yoga?

Lunge Japanese Yoga is not about turning your body inside out like a pretzel but WORKING with your body for a sense of well-being.

Louisa, your yoga teacher, personally designs every Men’s Yoga class for the group that turns up. This means that you have a tailored experience every time so you can get the best results. Plus, if there’s ever a movement you can’t do, there will always be another one you can do to achieve the same outcome.

For us, yoga is all about releasing tensions inside and out, breathing, quietening the mind and getting stronger and more resilient; not only physically but mentally. It also will remind you that age is irrelevant when you consider starting something new, it’s purely a state of mind.

Men’s Yoga classes/courses at Lunge Yoga, Perth

Men’s Yoga in Perth has foundations running back more than 15 years. Lunge Yoga’s Yoga for Surfer’s classes, first launched in 2005 in Manly, NSW and attracted dozens of active men (and some women) from all over Sydney. 95 – 98% of the people who attended these classes were men.

Surfers, golfers, rugby and tennis players of all ages and stages of their career and retirement have come to Louisa to improve their physical and mental strength. Whatever sport or physical activity you play or do to keep fit. Lunge Japanese Yoga will complement it and help you perform and feel better. Even if you don’t exercise or play sport regularly, is the perfect first step for getting moving again.

Men’s yoga classes in Perth are for men of all ages from 18-70+:

Men’s Yoga

Lunge Yoga has been working with a strong male following, young and old, for over 15 years. Our Men’s Yoga classes are one of the best things you can do for your strength, flexibility, productivity and mood.

After just one hour, you will walk out feeling stronger, more focused and more energised than you’ve felt in a long time.

Don’t just take our word for it though, read what Lunge Japanese Yoga has done for James:

“I went from one to two to three classes a week and always wanted more. My surfing fitness and intuition improved out of sight. I went from surfing once or twice a week to surfing every single day (if it’s good) and I’m still getting just as much work done. Before meeting Louisa, life was hectic. Regular yoga has helped me channel my energy to last the entire day. I’m now buzzing all day and I’ve dropped the 3x coffees back to one. I’m also way less stressed.

Louisa’s classes have helped me to perform better in the office, in the surf and at home. It’s a total game changer”.

James, 34, Founder Sufficient Funds, Co-Founder/Advisor YOLO Financial Services

Regardless of your age when you start yoga, you will get results and walk out feeling stronger, more limber and lighter than you have felt in a long time – even if you have never done any yoga before.

The Men’s Yoga classes are designed to help you improve your endurance and work on specific movements to gain a bigger range of movement in your body. Overall, yoga will make the world of difference to your health.

Read what Frank has to say:

“As a very active sports person in my younger years, I struggled with severe back pain well in to my 50s. In 2005, as a 52 year old, I commenced yoga classes with Louisa, and within a couple of months I was addicted, my back problem was non-existent and my mental focus was better than ever.The other major result from the yoga is ‘stress release’. An hour of yoga relaxes my body and clears my mind. I am then able to mentally adjust the problems at hand, categorise the most important, and then act accordingly

After eleven years of continual yoga at Lunge Yoga, I am a much better person, physically and mentally, and I truthfully don’t know what other exercise I could have done, at my age, to reach this level of physical and mental alertness.”

Frank Minnici, 63, Business Owner Advantage Line Pty Ltd

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