Online & In-Studio Yoga Classes

In-Studio Japanese Yoga in Subiaco & Virtual Japanese Yoga in Your Home (Perth, WA Time)

2023 Timetable. Classes In-Studio and Online.

ALL In-studio passes, have access to on-line classes! 

Bookings and Payments for In-Studio and Virtual Yoga Classes are made Online

Bookings are made through Bookamat, either on our website via the schedule above or using the Bookamat app (visit on your phone to install).

You can register your free Lunge Bookamat account here.

Booking and paying online is essential due to limited space in each class for the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Virtual Classes are in Zoom

Zoom is the Video Streaming Platform for Classes

You can download Zoom now – it’s free (if you do not have it already). This only needs to be done once.

IMPORTANT: For ONLINE classes it’s important you book-in AT-LEAST ONE HOUR before class starts! 

After booking in you will be emailed a link to your Zoom class time! Which when clicked will prompt you to download the program or app if you don’t already have it.


Please see our Pricing page for all our in-studio and virtual class pricing options and details.

Classes at Lunge

MORNING VITALITY classes – 6:30AM, 10AM

  • Strong, simple and dynamic classes for energy and vitality
  • Improve general  health and fitness
  • Strengthen and tone your body inside to out
  • Cleanse sluggish organs, release toxins
  • GREAT for weight loss and re-shaping your physical body – improve metabolism (Note: With 2 to 3 classes consistently a week your body and mind will reshape naturally.
  • Natural weight-loss results with consistent yoga practice and breath awareness.)
  • Lighten-up; improve flexibility
  • Stay well and healthy with the changing seasons
  • Strong and flexible body, calm mind, open heart
  • + Suitable for all levels

OPEN evenings – seasonal classes – 6:15PM

  • Develop strength, a flexible body and a calmer mind
  • Increase willpower and drive – get your “get-up and go” back!
  • Improve digestion, metabolism
  • Relieve neck and shoulder tension
  • Back strength creates internal strength
  • Calm the nervous system, creating a sense of peacefulness
  • Promotes good quality sleep
  • Eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • Breath awareness, assists with deep breathing
  • Create a state of concentration, internal stillness and relaxation
  • + Suitable for all levels


Yoga for Back Health, De-stress, keep your spine strong, supple with good joint mobility.

The Benefits: 

  • Calm your nervous system, your adrenals
  • Stress release, stress management
  • Alleviate back ache, pains, tensions, fatigue
  • Improve sleep – will help with insomnia
  • + Suitable for all levels

MENS YOGA CLASSES – Tuesdays 6:15PM 

Balance Strength with Flexibility

  • Relieve stiffness
  • Revive mobility and flexibility to the joints
  • Improve abdominal strength
  • Tone your body – inside and out
  • Eliminate neck and lower back tightness and/or tensions
  • Build overall strength and resilience
  • Better sleep patterns, deeper breathing
  • Assists with injury prevention
  • More up and go – energy levels will improve!
  • + Suitable for all levels

Women’s Health

  • Restore, boost and balance energy levels
  • Strengthen and tone your body
  • Create a clear mind
  • Abdominal toning, pelvic floor toning
  • Relieve backache, neck aches and shoulder tensions.
  • Calm your mind, breath awareness and meditation
  • Weight control and maintenance
  • Eliminate menstrual, menopausal complaints
  • Reduce stress, unstable emotions and eliminate worry

Yoga for Surfers… Surfers only!

(Men’s yoga class is great for Surfers)

Please note: Surfers take preference for these classes

Tailor-made yoga to improve your performance in and out of the water.
  • Build & increase core strength
  • Increase balance, flexibility and energy levels
  • Increase lung capacity, breath awareness and endurance
  • Eliminate neck, shoulder & back tension/pain
  • Injury prevention
  • And more…

Yoga for Surfers

Pre-natal Yoga

Prepare for childbirth and beyond…

Prenatal Yoga


  • Strengthen your body for childbirth
  • Calmness and confidence in preparation for childbirth
  • Improve strength, flexibility & endurance to enable you to birth more easily, naturally
  • Abdominal and pelvic floor toning
  • Boost energy levels, reduce fatigue
  • Release and balance emotions
  • Relieve back, neck & shoulder tensions
  • Breath awareness & meditation
  • Stress reduction & reduce worry…
  • Facilitate recovery following childbirth

These classes will leave you feeling strong, nurtured, relaxed and calm

Private Classes

If you have something MORE specific, consider a corrective treatment or private yoga session with Louisa. By appointment only

Contact us with any questions…

0412 389 603 or