Winter Boost – Saturday 3rd August 2019

  • Seasonal Japanese Yoga
  • Meditation (guided meditation)
  • Winter shiatsu massage
  • Seasonal treatment – will help with back aches, fatigue, common to the winter season
  • Winter nourishing meal + treat to end :)
  • Simple winter nutritional ideas to add to your current regime
  • Simple ideas about why and how complementary therapies WILL keep you well over time
  • Specific yoga program you can easily do at home to take with you! To keep you well throughout the rest of the cooler seasons…
  • IF NOTHING ELSE – the Saturday afternoon is A “MINI-RETREAT/mini- break ” for YOU. An afternoon to take a COMMERCIAL BREAK from your typical day to day regime and fill up your petrol tank – AKA the nervous system, the adrenals, the kidneys; give them a well deserved break!