What Teenagers Say

What Teenagers Say

We asked some of our Teenage Yogi’s and Yogini’s from Monday afternoon class run by Louisa, what they thought was good about doing yoga? Here’s what some of them said…

“Lunge Yoga is a great stress reliever and a rejuvenating start to the week!!”

“Lunge Yoga! I love because after I feel re-energized and light. Louisa tells us about good things for your body and it’s always a great class”

“It helps me to feel relaxed at the beginning of the week and helps me to focus. It calms my body and helps release any pains I have”

“I always feel amazing after it. I love how I learn about what is good for you doing. It is very interesting”

“Doing yoga helps me clear my mind. School fills it with anxiety and yoga teaches me how to manage it allowing me to exercise, strengthen and stretch my body”

“I love the feeling after and it makes me feel good and awake. It takes away any pains and makes me look forward to Mondays now!!”

“Yoga has been very useful to relieve any stress that I may be feeling at school and makes me feel very relaxed”