Surfers Classes

Lunge yoga for surfers is a modern, dynamic and challenging style of yoga that targets certain parts of the body that could be operating more effectively. “Lunge Japanese Yoga” incorporates corrective yoga therapy, Asana and Vinyasa where necessary for its clients.

Lunge Japanese Yoga is about movement and breath – movement linked to breath “for the individual” in a certain way and sequence. Used correctly certain yoga movements, postures and with the awareness of breath will not only strengthen high stressed areas used in Surfing such as the neck, shoulders, back and knees but will:

  • Build & increase core strength
  • Increase balance, flexibility and energy levels
  • Improve lung capacity
  • Help improve old injuries

What sets Lunge yoga for surfers apart from other “styles of yoga” is its dynamic approach and that classes are designed specifically for surfers. The dynamic movements with awareness of breath will improve the key elements for you to continue surfing your best. The key elements being flexibility, balance, core power and intuition – all interlinked and will have you surfing stronger, longer, and in a more fluid style.

Surfing is a dynamic sport so a dynamic training practice is important. Each class is an hour long strategic challenging workout, designed to the group that books in for the 8 week term.

So if you take surfing serious, or just want to perform better in the lineup, then this is a great training tool to incorporate into your week.