Winter Mini-Boost Seasonal Yoga Intensive – it’s a wrap

To help power through the last month of this icy-cold Sydney winter, Lunge ran a mini-boost seasonal yoga intensive last week. The intensive workshop included six dynamic yoga classes, daily meditation and homemade breakfast miso plus an Iku Wholefoods supper following the final Friday evening class.

Why does Lunge run Seasonal Yoga Intensives?

At Lunge, our philosophy is based on the five-element theory of balance and healing, with each element corresponding with a different season in the year. We run an intensive week of yoga during each season to help the body and mind adapt to the shifts in nature.

In addition to the six key classes in the workshop, the entire Lunge timetable is open for the intensive yogis to take advantage of.  Our intensive weeks are designed to give our yogis the opportunity to achieve strength and flexibility in their body and more clarity in their mind in a short amount of time.

Activating the Water Element in winter

Similarly to the intensive run in June, this yoga intensive focused on activating and supporting the winter water element. The water element maintains our stability as humans and helps form our bones and nervous system. The winter yoga at Lunge focuses on activating the bladder and kidney energies to help us thrive during the colder months with balance and lower-body strength.

Last week we began each day before the sun with 30 minutes of soothing sound meditation to gently wake-up the body.  Once awake, we jumped straight into an hour of dynamic, targeted yoga aimed at creating a strong foundation ready for the coming transition into spring.

Intensive Yoga Classes – Up Close

The Seasonal Yoga Intensive workshops at Lunge follow a set process to help harmonise the body and mind with the season it is in. Throughout the week, each class builds on the last to help eliminate the natural build-up of toxins in the body allowing it a chance to rest and rejuvenate. To further the benefits of the week, Louisa cooks a nourishing, warming breakfast for everyone to slurp on after each class, help us really tune into the seasonal energies.

DAY 1 – Following the first session of sound meditation MONDAY MORNING’s class focused on activating the large intestine and lung energies through a series leg and hip raises with varying arm positions. We also established a strong lower body foundation for the days to come.

DAY 2 – On TUESDAY we focused mainly on creating balance in the body. We partnered up for lots of left and right side movements to further activate the large intestine and lung energies – always making sure to give the harder side more love; helping the body and mind come back to its “natural balance”.

DAY 3 –Despite a few sniffles and sleepy eyes on WEDNESDAY MORNING, everyone was in high spirits. To boost the week’s cleansing process we twisted and squeezed into our waists and had some good long rests in between.

DAY 4 – THURSDAY MORNING’s class was the most dynamic and challenging of all. Between partner work, walking back bends and head stands the energy in the room was buzzing. We finished off the class with a number of strong standing warrior poses and some warm miso with toasty seeds – ready to tackle our day with focus and calm energy.

DAY 5 – The final two classes are all about consolidating the work achieved throughout the week. FRIDAY MORNING’s class focused on activating the nervous system (prominent in winter) through a series of longer strong holds and twists. FRIDAY NIGHT’s class worked deeper into the nervous system and consisted of a series of comforting, extended stretches, a few core sit-ups and some long rests. We finished off the week at the table, sharing stories and a delicious, nourishing bowl of adzuki bean and pumpkin stew with fresh shallots and gomasio, followed by a sweet treat of vanilla cacao friands from Iku Wholefoods.

After six strong yoga classes and a warming meal, everyone was feeling long, strong and ready for a solid night’s sleep. Everyone now has a good centred foundation to last them the rest of winter and take them well into crazy Springtime!

Here are more details on all the seasonal workshops at Lunge.