A great first term of Teenage Yoga at Lunge

It’s hard to believe the first term of Lunge’s newest yoga class is almost over. The time has flown by but the Teenage Yoga classes with Michelle have been a really enjoyable and successful experience for everyone involved. Before we take a break for school holidays here’s a quick look back on the last eight weeks.

The Yoga

The Monday afternoon teenage classes have a different focus each week depending on the individual teenagers’ needs and the weather. As most of the participants are coming straight from school or another extra curricular activity, every class begins with two minutes of sitting quietly, focusing on the breath to help everyone settle into the studio.

Once everyone is focused and ready, Michelle leads a dynamic, unstructured pose to literally shake off the busy school day. The class usually jumps straight into some more dynamic stretching poses to help warm up the body – especially during these colder days we’ve had over the last few weeks. Michelle often focuses on activating the Kidney meridian, which affects our ‘get-up-and-go’ energy, which is really helpful for tired, busy teenagers! Building good strength and flexibility is always addressed in most classes too!

To keep the mood light, Michelle also has some time for discussion around a relevant health topic from the week and how that can affect their energy, mood and endurance levels especially while at school or doing sport. Sometimes the yoga classes are structured as “yoga games” i.e. partner work, group work.

At the end of the class a portion of time is spent focusing on the breath (simple meditation technique). Developing ones focus on the breathing helps bring “concentration and relaxation”. Learning to focus on the breathing helps teenagers when they find themselves in high-pressured or stressful situations whether at school, or outside school; creating wonderful coping skills to be calm. With these tools (of yoga and breath/meditation) they come to realise they can actively change from being stressed, anxious and/or tight in their body to a feeling of strength, flexibility and openness.

After this time spent in mediation the body is calm, the mind is quiet and they leave ready for a good sleep to help them tackle the rest of the busy school week with a strong mind and body.

Teens are inspiring to teach

Michelle is one of the Teenage yoga instructors at Lunge. She has 13 years experience as a yoga teacher and has been teaching Teenage yoga for 12years. Michelle finds Japanese Yoga (dynamic seasonal yoga) an invaluable method for healing & wellbeing. As a teacher Michelle is inspired after every class – she always allows time before and after each session if any students require further assistance e.g. how yoga, breathing and meditation can help with all aspects of teenage life, school pressures and/or ailments in their bodies from doing lots of sport!


Below are a few testimonials from some of the teens commenting on their favourite part of Monday yoga:

“The calmness that I leave the studio with. Also the flexibility I now feel for the rest of the week” – Lexy

“The meditation” – Anna

“Meditation” – Bob

“The guidance given throughout the class and the feeling of quietness” – Tate

The teenage yoga classes at Lunge are aimed at both boy and girl high school students in years 10, 11 & 12 and are designed to help them deal with the demands and challenges of being at high school using a strong body and mind.

In Term 3 classes will be offered Mondays and Thursday afternoons for the opportunity to do one or two classes a week:

Term 3 Start Dates:

Mondays: 21st July, 2014 (4.45pm-5.45pm)

Thursdays: 24th July 2014 (4.45pm-5.45pm)


1 class per week $135 (8 week term) OR

2 classes per week $245 (8 week term)


Booking is essential as numbers are limited.