Lunge’s pre-winter mini seasonal intensive in a nutshell

Last week, Lunge yoga + health ran a pre-winter mini seasonal intensive. The week consisted of six classes in five days all including strong, stimulating yoga, meditation, and supportive shiatsu massages and delicious wholesome meals.

The changing of the seasons affect the way we move and feel in our body which in turn affects how our mind functions. Lunge’s seasonal yoga and health workshops are designed to help keep the body and mind going as we move through the seasons and are a great energy boost.

Overall, the pre-winter mini intensive was indeed intense. Beginning every morning at 5:45 with half an hour of chanting sound meditation, followed by an hour of yoga which each day focused on a particular energy line in the body aimed at preparing the body and the mind for the cooler weather ahead.  To end off each class we paired up for a good pounding massage and a hot bowl of homemade miso with veggies, gomasio, tamari-roasted seeds and brown rice to give us some great energy for the day.

MONDAY MORNING focused the lung energy, getting the breath going as well as developing some great support in the lower back and waist to set-us up for the week to come.

TUESDAY MORNING’s focus was on the grunty large intestine energy, creating tone and support in the waist to keep our spines healthy and our energy levels up! The class was also designed to dissipate some of the aches and pains that started had emerged from the detoxifying process.

On WEDNESDAY MORNING we concentrated on activating the spleen energy though the belly, hips and the front of the legs. These areas can be exhausting to work into but after a strong class like this one you have great energy and improved digestion.

THURSDAY MORNING was chillier than the other mornings so far which didn’t help everyone’s lingering aches and pains, especially the ones around the lower back. To release some of the tightness we worked into and stretched out our creaky sides with some team lifts, supportive standing poses and of course some sit-ups. After such a great supportive class, everyone felt lighter, more flexible and ready for whatever that day may bring.

FRIDAY MORNING’s class focused on consolidating all our hard work we’d done so far. The first four days focused on stimulating specific energy lines and areas of the body. But Friday’s class brought everything all together. We stretched and toned our lower back, our spine and our hips and mixed it up with a few ‘starfish’ sit-ups and bendy body rolls.

FRIDAY NIGHT’s class was likely the most enjoyable for everyone. We focused further on bringing all our hard work from the week together, with some beautiful long-hold stretches, a few core sit-ups and some good rests. We also enjoyed a longer shiatsu massage in pairs before tucking into a delightful, nourishing adzuki bean stew with fresh shallots and gomasio (everyone went back for seconds!).

After Friday night’s class everyone was ready for a good long sleep but no doubt woke up the next morning feeling revitalised and ready to jump into their busy weekend with a newfound energy.

Here are more details on all the seasonal workshops at Lunge.



Teenage Yoga at Lunge


Dealing with demanding lives

Being at high school can get exhausting. Between exams, family, friends, parties, sport and everything else it’s hard for teenagers to relax and recuperate. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga teaches practical techniques to help teenagers calmly deal with the unique pressures they face mentally and emotionally.

On top off all their activities, in the last years of high school teens are becoming adults. Their minds are maturing rapidly as they start to consider the big picture and where they fit in. This is the beginning of them embracing their individuality and independence as young adults. Yoga helps guide them through this overwhelming time with energy, patience and strength.

Teaching teenagers

Teaching teenagers is a really rewarding experience for yoga instructors too, mostly due to their fresh and curious perspective. As they get to know their students, teenage yoga instructors become positive role models who impact on their students’ development from adolescents into young adults, helping connect them with their unique inner questioners.

Yoga classes

Lunge Yoga is committed to providing a well-rounded service for the community and this year has expanded its focus to teenagers at high school. We believe that yoga, taught by experienced teachers, is an important physical and mental tool to help teenagers as they move into the “adult world”.

The teenage yoga classes are an excellent complement to those involved in a heavy fitness regime at this age, for example, surfing, soccer, football, running, swimming and young athletes in general.

Our first Teenage Yoga class is in its fourth week. We’re really pleased with the great feedback we’ve had from some students and parents who are already seeing some great changes in their busy lives.

Our teenage yoga classes are aimed at both boy and girl high school students in years 10, 11 & 12 and are designed to help them deal with the demands and challenges of being at high school.

Term 3 Start Dates: Mondays and/or Thursdays in July, 2014

9 week term:

Monday 21st July – 4.45pm (1 hour class)

Thursday 24th July – 4.45pm (1 hour class)

Book in for 1 class a week or 2.

1 class/week for 9 weeks -$150

2 classes/week for 9 weeks – $275


Booking is essential as numbers are strictly limited in these classes.