7 week program – Thursday nights 6pm to 7.15pm

Yoga for Back Health, De-stress & Meditation/breath awareness. Keep your spine strong, supple with good joint mobility.

The Benefits: 

  • Calm your nervous system, your adrenals
  • Stress release, stress management
  • Alleviate back ache, pains, tensions, fatigue
  • Improve sleep – will help with insomnia
  • Good for all levels (The course is tailored to who books in to cater for individual needs)
  • Those NEW to yoga – and/or if you want to alleviate acute pains, Japanese corrective yoga therapy so good!


  1. Yoga – simple moves, you can do at home through the week between class (optional, takes about 5-10mins)
  2. Nutritional tips – will help support a healthy and pain free spine (optional)
  3. Treatments – simple treatment ideas you can do at home over winter, so nourishing

BOOKINGS essential – numbers are capped
Thursday nights 6 – 7.15pm
Start Date: Thursday November 4th (7 week program)

Contact us for bookings louisa@lunge.com.au or 0412 389 603

Fees: $195 (for the 7 week program)

Overtime, with consistency, and patience you will notice how Japanese yoga will support spinal health with consistency and patience… it is possible!

More information – here’s a link to a blog that has some more information on the BACK, the spine. Maybe take a moment to read :)