Winter Seasonal Workshop – How to Thrive in Winter: – 24 May 2019

Winter Energy Tune-Up
  • Winter Japanese Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Shiatsu
  • Seasonal nourishing meal (supports the nervous system; ie kidney/bladder energy and organ health)
  • Seasonal treatments, treats, and goodies… related to the winter season
  • (Complementary winter yoga program you can do at home)

Come along, explore and align with the incoming Season of Winter

Enjoy how Japanese yoga and complementary therapies, good basic nutrition (simple ideas for winter) ARE wonderful tools to keep YOU feeling healthy, strong & content in life! OR just come along and enjoy a few hours to YOURSELF; a night of nourishment :)

+ The ideas shared for Winter are especially good for people that have tendencies to feel flat, fatigued, the cold, aches and pains as winter (cooler weather) starts to come in… AND to just maintain YOUR BEST health throughout the year! 

(This evening is also good for those interested in expanding their understanding of the meridians, the five element theory of healing through yoga movement, breath awareness, shiatsu, basic nutrition. We will be looking at the WATER ELEMENT – bladder and kidney energy/organs systems for good health) 


DATE: Friday, May 24th 2019
TIME: 6pm – 8:45pm (arrive 5.45pm to get settled in)
FEE: $44 (Bookings required, space is limited)
For bookings, or 0412 389 603