Winter Boost – Saturday 3rd August 2019

Lunge Yoga Winter Boost Workshop
  • Seasonal Japanese Yoga
  • Meditation (guided meditation)
  • Winter shiatsu massage
  • Seasonal treatment – will help with back aches, fatigue, common to the winter season
  • Winter nourishing meal + treat to end :)
  • Simple winter nutritional ideas to add to your current regime
  • Simple ideas about why and how complementary therapies WILL keep you well over time
  • Specific yoga program you can easily do at home to take with you! To keep you well throughout the rest of the cooler seasons…
  • IF NOTHING ELSE – the Saturday afternoon is A “MINI-RETREAT/mini- break ” for YOU. An afternoon to take a COMMERCIAL BREAK from your typical day to day regime and fill up your petrol tank – AKA the nervous system, the adrenals, the kidneys; give them a well deserved break!

In the eastern therapies through winter we have the ability to bring MORE balance and strength to what is called the Water Element. This strengthens and supports the kidney and the bladder energy/organ health.


Enjoy how Japanese yoga and complementary therapies, good basic nutrition ARE wonderful tools to keep YOU feeling healthy, strong & content in life! OR just come along and enjoy a few hours to YOURSELF; an afternoon of nourishment.

(This event is also good for those interested in expanding their understanding of the meridians, the five element theory of healing through yoga movement, breath awareness, shiatsu, basic nutrition. We will be looking at the WATER ELEMENT – bladder and kidney energy/organs systems for good health) 


DATE: Saturday August 3rd, 2019
TIME: 2pm – 6pm
FEE: $69 (Bookings essential)
For bookings/enquiries, or 0412 389 603


More on Japanese Seasonal yoga (winter):(these ideas are also explored year round in the Thursday evenings 6.15pm classes)

  • Relieve back aches, pains and dissolve tensions
  • Stress-relief; stress management
  • Eliminate water retention (especially for women)
  • Balance hormonal health, help calm the emotions
  • Better, deeper sleep; eliminate insomnia… get more zzz
  • DECREASE “worry”; a more calmer state of mind
  • Relieve anxiousness
  • Breath awareness
  • Improve heart health
  • FEEL strong from inside to out :)
  • CONTINUE to Build your HARA (lower body awareness, strength, and calmness… aka deeper Core)
  • Just to name a few…