Winter Workshop – 8th August 2020

Winter Workshop - 8/8/2020

WINTER IS THE SEASON of RESTORATION – The perfect time of year to draw inwards

(Kidney & Bladder)

  • Yoga, meditation + nourish.
  • Find rest + relaxation through ACTIVE movement, breath & simplicity.


Saturday 8/8/2020
4pm – 6pm
$46 (Bookings required)

A bit more on the Water Element

We become more receptive, introspective and seek to warm the body’s core. The cold drives one to seek inner warmth. It is also a time to rest, turn inward, reflect deeply and store physical energy for the cold season. Even though the physical processes may slow down, one must stay active enough to keep the spine and joints flexible.

In Eastern Philosophy – the main organs systems (meridian and/or energy pathways) of wintertime are the kidney and the bladder pathways. These systems are linked to the structural integrity of our body and its shape – the sense of who we are; back strength/internal strength, the hormonal system; the nervous systems, our sexual energy and our reproductive systems.

Winter is a chance to improve theses areas within the body and mind. What follows is a strong and healthy nourished spine, with any unnecessary fears and anxieties gone. A feeling of moving forward without effort, a sense of calm and an internal strength prevail.


Winter Workshop

  • Relaxation, reflection, introspection
  • Calm your nervous system, your adrenals
  • Stress relief
  • Build energy reserves
  • Replenish
  • Some mental time out for YOU :)
  • + With a winter meal to end – Nourishment for the winter energy

…and always some treats for the season involved!

(no partner work on this one – covid19 regulations…)