Women’s Health Yoga Course – 6 week program

Next course starts May 11, 2024
Saturdays 12pm (1 hour class) 

The Benefits

  • Restore, boost and balance energy levels
  • Strengthen and tone your body
  • Calm your adrenals, create a clearer mind
  • Address digestive complaints
  • Address hormonal imbalances, will help with fluid retention
  • Abdominal and pelvic toning
  • Relieve backache, neck aches and shoulder tensions
  • Create a calmer mind, breath awareness and meditation
  • Post natal recovery
  • Reduce stress, unstable emotions and eliminate worry
  • Feel better…
  • Weight maintenance


A bit more info

  • A personalised course designed for those that book in.
  • Suitable for all levels.
  • Besides the Saturday class each week, you will receive brief and easy to follow yoga programs that you can do at home in between weekly classes (consistency is key).
  • Nutritional guidance for those interested. Minor changes in your nutrition can make a massive impact on how you feel.

Fee: $180 

Booking essentials: louisa@lunge.com.au, 0412 389 603

Payment details

Lunge Yoga & Health
BSB: 082-343