Spring Intensive

The beginning of spring is one of the most popular and beneficial times of year to power through a Seasonal Intensive Workshop. Spring is a time for new beginnings; a time to get up and do; to rise early once again with the sun.

The Spring On-line Intensive is something you can do at home, to fit in within your own work schedule, family commitments and life routine. Many benefits will come from dedicating yourself to a few days of consistent yoga.  

The program in brief 

  • Eight focused and dynamic yoga classes (4 mornings, 4 afternoons/evening – depending on where you are)
  • Some ideas for additional activities (e.g., shuffles/slow runs, walking, extra yoga classes if local)
  • Guidelines for nutrition to encourage greatest benefit. 

Why do Lunge Yoga Intensives follow the Seasons?

At Lunge, our philosophy is based on the five-element theory of balance and healing. Each element corresponds with a different season in the year and is linked to our senses, our environment, our food and our organs and energy systems.

We run seasonal workshops each season that include Japanese Seasonal Yoga and either meditation, (or beach shuffles, depending which season), and nutritional support to help the body and mind adapt to the shifts in nature.

In Spring we activate the wood element. 

The process associated with the Wood Element is most evident in spring. Spring is the season in which we can feel most inspired and purposeful. On the other hand, we can sometimes feel like we’re falling into old patterns, which bring up feelings of anger, frustration, and lack of direction.

Two main organs and energy systems – the liver and the gall bladder energies, govern the wood element. We activate these organs/energy pathways through targeted yoga movements with breath awareness which help our body tap into the expanding springtime energy for enhanced flexibility and direction.

Springtime yoga works with the body to loosen and strengthen it to help give us direction, inspiration, and a feeling of purpose in life. Opening the mind so it can see opportunities is so vital in spring.

Seasonal Yoga classes – up close

The Seasonal Yoga Intensives are a guided process to help harmonise the body and mind with the season it is in. Throughout the workshop, each class builds on the last one to help eliminate the natural build-up of toxins in the body allowing it a chance to rest and rejuvenate. As we eliminate, it is critical we rebuild and encourage strength at the same time, so you feel renewed with more energy and vitality that is sustainable long term.

To further the benefits of the week, the sessions are personally tailored for all that are booked in; ensuring each project is a personal one for each person. For the on-line seasonal workshop there is a handbook sent out before the start with some handy hints, especially with nutritional suggestions and any additional activities for those that can fit them in.

The benefits of The Spring Intensive:

  • Lifts your spirits
  • Improve your metabolism (especially Gall Bladder and Liver health)
  • Shift heaviness. This could be weight, fluid retention, or mental heaviness
  • Improve joint mobility and reduce stiffness
  • Improve vision, feel inspired to do new things
  • Feel good in your body, lighten up your mood

…and many more things as the workshop is personalised for those that are booked in.

Join us for the benefits! More info here.