Yoga for Busy People: Why is Lunge Japanese Yoga at Work beneficial?

Working long days, managing busy schedules and juggling big demands between the office and home can consume your life and sometimes a whole month can pass without you noticing.

Whether you love working in a highly stimulating and busy environment or not the pressures of performing can sometimes become too much for the body, mind and heart to handle.

When EXCESSIVE demands are made on the body, the mind and the HEART at work, we start to see some of the following symptoms:

  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Localised back aches
  • Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • Insomnia; difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling depleted; no energy
  • Weight gain and weight imbalances (adrenal fatigue)
  • Low immunity making you vulnerable to colds, flus and other viruses
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor flexibility due to LONG hours of sitting
  • Emotional reactions like shortness of temper with loved ones, friends or colleagues

These symptoms are the body and mind’s way of telling us that something is NOT right, to PLEASE take stock and listen – and to do something about it!

How can yoga help?

Yoga, unlike any other form of sport or physical exercise, provides a direct physical and mental tool to enhance a calmer sense of well being in a person while strengthening and sculpting the body.

Lunge Yoga practices and teaches a form of “Japanese Yoga” with roots in OKI-do Yoga. This is a form of corrective, dynamic and seasonal yoga to help create immediate healthy changes in the body and mind. Louisa is a trained diagnostic yoga therapist who assesses every individual throughout class to ensure everyone is comfortable and challenged to their ability.

Lunge Japanese Yoga will teach you how to look after yourself in simple ways and; to read your physical and mental reactions in the world around you.

Having the power to evaluate yourself over time you can incorporate simple techniques on a daily basis to stay well! This keeps you in the driver’s seat. YOU can actually do something to stay well instead of going straight to the doctor or taking a pill when you experience any of the above symptoms, which are simply imbalances in the body and mind.

The benefit of Yoga at Work especially for BUSY PEOPLE is that we come to you, with the specific intent to meet the company’s needs and the individual’s needs.

In just a few sessions, Lunge Japanese Yoga gives you simple techniques and healthy principles to add to your daily routine which will facilitate you to become a healthier, happier and a more productive YOU. You will also become a more valuable person to yourself, your friends, family and organisation. No travel time required – just some space to move your body AT YOUR WORK is all that is needed!

Contact Louisa if you are interested in bringing “Yoga at Work” to your workplace – it is an investment in, not only your staff, but your company as well.

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