Kylie – yoga at Lunge allows her to live a full and dynamic life, bursting with energy.

Kylie is a hands-on, dedicated and generous-spirited volunteer, friend, sister, wife and mother of three girls. Kylie used to have a full-time cleaning business and now volunteers for a local ski club and looks after her busy family in Freshwater. She has been doing yoga with Louisa at Lunge for over 15 years.

“A friend of mine told me about Yoga with Louisa about 17 years ago and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I was 27 and I had a cleaning business so I was doing physical cleaning everyday and tried yoga as a form of physical therapy to untighten everything”.

Kylie enjoyed the yoga from the beginning and loved most that it gave her good energy and meant that she rarely got tired and sore after a long, physical day.

“I knew that when I did yoga, I could do anything! While I was doing full time cleaning my husband and I built and renovated our home. Out of working hours I would be painting and installing insulation; physically I was doing so much but if I did yoga I knew I would be fine. Yoga essentially helped me maintain my body and a clear head. I knew people who had to go to chiropractors, physios once a week just to keep their body functioning and out of pain. Thanks to yoga, my body worked, I felt well and I had plenty of energy.”

Kylie built up her yoga over the years and now it’s a natural part of her lifestyle

“I do yoga most days; this could be classes at Lunge, a private session with Louisa or even a bit at home. I did 2-3 classes a week in previous years and always took a year or so off when I was pregnant”

I was feeling quite depleted after my third childbirth and I did a body cleanse that someone had recommended. I had no energy to get all my daily things done let alone get to a yoga class. Initially I started some private yoga sessions with Louisa and this helped me get back on track into a yoga routine. The main focus in the private sessions was to replenish my strength and energy first!”

Today, Kylie can’t imagine her life without yoga

Kylie and her family lead a full life of school, sport, family commitments, volunteering, and the occasional overseas travel. It’s important she keeps up her strength and stamina and a bit of time-out squeezed in somehow for her too.

“I feel stronger and calmer than I have ever before. I still get days where I have low energy but it never lasts long. Each successive class I do helps me move through any tight spots and my energy levels bounce back. It’s give me my time, where I can put my health and myself first for a MOMENT and this benefits my whole family”.

As time went on the private sessions became a bonus

I love going to regular classes but I find I’m a bit more challenged in the privates not only physically but mentally. I love the sense of well-being that yoga brings so I wanted to invest a bit more into developing this understanding and wisdom and the privates have done this. Yoga has expanded off the yoga mat and into my daily life”

Being knowledgeable about health, well being and nutrition is one of Kylie’s core family values

 “I translate what I have learnt to my family. My girls have done yoga with me since they were little and they even do yoga at home. My middle daughter knows to do some balances on one leg when she’s feeling a bit crazy at night time. The balances help to draw her hyper energy down and settle her. Also, if my little three-year-old gets upset she’ll inhale and exhale deeply because she knows it calms her down – It cracks me up!”

 “My diet has changed naturally since I studied naturopathy and have been attending regular yoga classes. I now cook and eat a wholefood diet and rarely get any cravings. When I treat myself or have something a bit extreme I know what food brings me back to balance to help my body process and replenish. I never feel restricted and I rarely have to think about my diet much these days”

Doing yoga in line with nourishing, wholesome foods keeps Kylie on track. It’s actually quite simple; nourishing foods and yoga movement – no strict regimes.

Lunge runs Seasonal Programs throughout the year; a week consisting of lots of seasonal yoga, meditation, dawn beach shuffles, and ocean dips, shiatsu, nourishing breakfasts and dinners.

 “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt about yoga is your head gets in the way a lot of the time. With the Intensives, you learn this! For example the early dawn beach shuffles, initially my head just didn’t want to go on the beach and swim. I’ve now learnt to just do things, gives things a go and it’ll be fine, don’t over think especially if you know something is good for you – just do it”

Yoga is a part of Kylie’s life

 “I know I will be doing this the rest of my life. I’ve found something that I love, that feels great, gives me a sense of well-being and I know it’s good for me and for those around me”


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