Lunge Japanese Yoga Autumn Intensive 2016 – it’s a wrap!

Reflection after the Intensive week

Throughout this intensive we moved from the abundance of summer, towards the beginnings of the cooler seasons. Autumn brings about a time of contracting inward, strengthening the body and mind’s ability to let go of things that no longer serve us. With letting go we set ourselves up to maintain a positive health routine for the rest of the year; physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually… whatever is needed for the individual!

To let go, we focus on ELIMINATION. The prime organ systems (meridians) of elimination in “the five element theory of balance” (eastern therapies) are the lung and large intestine energy systems. We work these systems throughout the week quite directly: twisting, turning, strengthening and stretching so our bodies let go of toxins. This process gives us the chance to slim down, strengthen and tone our bodies to experience flexibility & lightness, clarity, openness, calmness & focus. The body frees up from unnecessary excesses; the mind has the opportunity to soften as well releasing feelings of “stuckness” too. Letting go, allows space for new things to come in. Open mind, open heart. Open heart, open mind.

Large Intestine Energy

We worked to regain and build the contractive/expansive function in our large intestine, which means we can absorb minerals better from nutrition. This helps our mind become calm, clear, sharp AND less procrastination; better and easier choices result too!

Lung Energy

We activated our lung energy which works to improve the condition of our skin, decreased allergy and flu symptoms & we feel more energetic, vital – we feel hopeful and inspired!

The Metal Element represents bringing back to balance these two energies during autumn. At the mental level, the health of the Large Intestine is related to the ability to let go and not dwell upon the past, whether this be possessions, thoughts, beliefs or relationships, can be a reflection of Large Intestine/lung energy imbalance.

The Lunge Japanese Autumn Intensive week began on Sunday evening and consisted of:

  • Seven focused and dynamic yoga classes (optional to do classes twice a day for the week)
  • Daily beach shuffles and ocean dips at dawn (dynamic meditation as the mind starts to wake to the day)
  • Calming sound meditations
  • Simple group shiatsu massage
  • Daily nourishing breakfast
  • Nutritious supper to complete catered by of Iku Wholefoods

So what does all this mean for us? Specific to the Lunge Japanese Yoga that we practice, it’s safe to say as we close the week many of us lost any feelings of sluggishness, replaced by inspiration, motivation, decisive activity and optimism for the future; whatever it may bring!