Summer Seasonal Intensive Weeks – 2016

The beginning of a new year is a great motivator. Whether it’s kicking bad habits, learning new skills or giving our health a good boost, January in Australia is a great month to do it.

Summer is the season of joy and laughter. Life is in full bloom with long days and abundant energy in the air.

According to oriental medicine, the heat of summer causes energy to expand and rise in the body. This rising energy can cause you to feel overwhelmed, frantic and tight around the upper body.

Equalising our bodies after the festive season can be tricky. But, with a bit of dedication and some cooling movement you can eliminate excess toxins and restore balance.

Each intensive week kicked off on Sunday evening and consisted of:

  • Seven focused and dynamic yoga classes
  • Daily beach shuffles and ocean dips at dawn
  • Calming sound meditation in wet weather
  • Daily nourishing breakfast miso with brown rice porridge, gomasio and toasted tamari seeds
  • One simple and nutritious supper of adzuki bean and pumpkin stew followed by a delicious dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free caramel slice courtesy of Iku Wholefoods

Why do a Lunge Seasonal Yoga Intensive?

Our seasonal intensive workshops are designed to harmonise your body and mind with the energies of each season.

At Lunge, our philosophy is based on the five-element theory of balance and healing. Each element corresponds with a different season in the year and is linked to our senses, our environment, our food and our organs and energy systems. Aligning your lifestyle with nature’s cycles will help you lead a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Completing an intensive week of yoga, meditation, beach shuffles, ocean dips and clean, nourishing eating each season is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Giving your body the opportunity to clear out, rest and rejuvenate will not only improve your bodily functions but also boost your overall emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Activating the Fire Element in Summer

The process associated with the Fire Element is most evident in Summer. Summer is the season in which we can feel energised, warm and inspired to move, grow and flourish in our relationships.  

Two main organs and energy systems – the heart and the small intestine energies, govern the fire element. Activating these energy lines through targeted yoga movements helps our body tap into the rising summer energy for enhanced stability and lightness.

Summertime yoga works to soften upper body tension and open up your heart.  With the right movement and nourishing food, your heart can let go of old stresses and unwanted emotions and begin to relax.

Intensive Yoga Classes – Up Close

Throughout each Summer Intensive Week, we worked on eliminating any holiday toxins and restored the body with good energy and strength.

To further the benefits of the week, Louisa prepares her signature breakfast miso and brown rice porridge for everyone after each class. Eating this nourishing nutrient-rich breakfast facilitates the detox and helps the body to replenish itself.


We kicked off each week on Sunday evening with a beautiful release class to prepare ourselves for the week ahead. We focused on activating the gall bladder, liver and stomach energies and help launch the holiday excess detox. For supper we sipped on a bowl of nourishing shiitake mushroom detox broth to calm the
nervous system and further flush out any toxins from our adrenals.

DAYS 2 -5

Every morning we either met on the sand or at the yoga studio depending on the weather. We had a few unusually rainy days in the first week, soo swapped our sand shuffles for 30 minutes of calming sound meditation to slowly wake up the body.

When we were blessed with dry skies we shuffled along the sand as the sun rose above us before jumping in the ocean. Back at the studio we jumped into a dynamic energy-boosting yoga class.

Throughout the week we worked into different areas of the body, depending on everyone’s ability, any ailments and general energy of the day. Every class focused broadly on activating the heart and small intestine energy lines to help us harness the joyful summer energy.


The final two classes focused on consolidating all the hard work. We sealed in our solid, strong foundation to help us flourish throughout summertime with an open heart and mind. After the final evening class each Friday, we finished off the week at the table, sharing stories over a delicious, nourishing supper from Iku Wholefoods.

Everyone left the intensive weeks feeling lighter, taller and more grounded.

It was a cracking start to 2016!

Here are more details on all the seasonal workshops at Lunge.