Summer… the season of joy and laughter

…life is in full bloom… expansion, lightness, outward activity, brightness and creativity

A period of luxurious growth and a time of generous social activity and connection where the days are long and energy is in abundance. Summer is a more stable time than spring. If we have not nurtured our bodies through winter and cleansed them in spring, summer can be a very hard Season to endure. Often the inability to cope with the heat is a sign of high levels of toxicity in the body. However, we can bring back to balance high levels of toxicity by taking on cooling exercises such as swimming, appropriate yoga and/or movement…all activities that help our lymph glands remove accumulated toxins, and as an added bonus eliminate stress.

According to Oriental Medicine, the heat of summer causes energy to expand and rise in the body and this activates the various systems more than usual…these functions relate to the energy systems of the heart and the small intestine (also heart constrictor and triple heater systems). A great time of the year to soften upper body tension and open up your heart. Through the correct movement and complementary food, the heart has the ability to relax, release old stresses and unwanted emotional build-ups.

The stress of city living places harder demands on your heart than it was designed for.

Cleansing is for people who want to clear their body and mind of accumulated toxins and unwanted wastes.

The New Year is a perfect time to get rid of the old, and get a fresh start!

Over time toxins build up in the body and dedicating a short period of time to clear out, is very effective.  The week Intensive will help remove waste build up from your body allowing it a chance to rest and rejuvenate. Improving bodily function, will automatically improve emotional and spiritual well-being, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised!

Benefits of a “Lunge Japanese Intensive” in Summer

  • Physical                 
    • Improved ability to digest
      (Improvement to intestinal power usually equates to clearer thinking)
    • Increased strength and power of the muscles
    • Release of neck and shoulder tension
    • Feel energized and re-vitalized… get the spring back in your step!
  • Emotional
    • Reduce exaggerated emotions
    • Less Obsessive
    • Reduce feelings of madness or feeling a bit crazy
  • Inspirational
    • Improved Creativity
    • Act on ideas… not just think about doing.

Become a “DO-ER”, not a “GUN-NER”

JOIN us for the New Year’s Summer Intensive 2016 and get a fresh start to your year!