Chris – Business executive by day and regular Lunge yogi

As a high level executive, Chris has a consistently full work schedule but still manages to maintain an extremely active lifestyle, spend quality time with his family and follow a nourishing wholefoods diet. Somehow in his busy schedule Chris works out everyday (some days twice) and goes on regular surfing trips and the occasional heli-skiing trip all while running one of Australia’s largest boardsports retail brands.


The evolution of Yoga for Surfers at Lunge Yoga and Health

Yoga for Surfers’ humble beginnings

13 years ago back in 2002; Louisa founded Lunge Yoga for Surfers in Manly at Queenscliff Surf Club. While Louisa was embarking on her solo-professional teaching career she began working with a small group of friends, helping them to repair their surfing and other sport-related injuries. In just a short time, her friends were feeling stronger, healthier in general and some were getting back in the water and surfing better.