We heard from Georgie on how regular and consistent yoga has helped her find the happiest, healthiest and strongest version of herself.

A little bit about Georgie

As a mother of two young children, a designer and avid soccer player, Georgie makes going to yoga a priority wherever she can. Being pregnant with her first child was the catalyst for Georgie trying yoga for the first time. Georgie signed up for a pregnancy yoga course in Mosman to help her body and mind best prepare for a natural childbirth. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Georgie had a caesarean, which was a very challenging experience both physically and psychologically.


Karina shares her story on how regular and intensive yoga programs at Lunge have transformed her body and lifestyle

A little bit about Karina

With the amount of yoga and other exercise that Karina practises each week, you’d never guess she worked as a busy young media executive.  From a young(er) age Karina has always been curious and eager to try new exercise challenges and healthy eating plans. Over the last two years, Karina has discovered her love for yoga and has really found her rhythm at Lunge Yoga and Health with Louisa: